Our Mission

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A Shared Mission

UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

Our Educational Goal

We seek to realise our highest human potential, cultivate genuine happiness and take mindful and compassionate action.

Our Values

Intercultural and international understanding

Celebration of diversity

Independence with integrity

Interdependence with respect

Compassion and service

Environmental stewardship

Personal example

Resilience and a growth mindset

Idealism and courageous action

 Our Vision

To be a transformational learning community rooted in compassionate action.

We view the understanding of our minds, our bodies and our emotions as a key life skill, fostering the development of our students by tending to both intrapersonal awareness and interpersonal sensitivity in order to create a positive school culture. Our aim is to cultivate genuine happiness. In an increasingly interdependent world, we treat others and the planet with respect, kindness and consideration, helping even in the smallest of ways.