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We welcome applications from students around the world, throughout the school year. We encourage those interested in applying to first visit our school, in order to ensure that the applicant and their families are both comfortable and content. We review each applicant on a case-by-case basis to determine enrolment suitability. Our admissions process is all done online.

For scholarships, please contact your UWC National Committee. To find out more, click here.

Step 1: Gathering the Necessary Information
  • Original scanned copies of each prospective student’s last two school reports (translated into English)
  • A recent passport photo
  • An original scanned copy of each prospective student’s birth certificate (translated into English), or a copy of their passport
  • Medical information form (information ready to input into online application)
Step 2: Applying Online

Our admissions process is all done online through Open Apply.

Step 3: Reviewing the Application for Suitability

Students applying to Grade 6-11 will need to sit a placement test in English and mathematics, and will also be interviewed by the Principal or Head of School.  Prospective students going into Primary do not need to sit a placement test, but the Principal or Head of School will interview each individual.

Please note that the Admissions Manager must receive the completed application form and application fee before the process of admissions can begin.

Step 4: Enrolling

Once a place in the school has been offered, the family will need to confirm their place within 2 weeks, and certain fees are paid at this point. This is important for visa acquisitions, and the Admissions Team will walk each family through this.

Please review our Global Class Name Comparison for your class placement reference.

Withdrawal Process and Refund Procedure

Parents wishing to withdraw their children from the school will need to complete the necessary forms online. This is all done through OpenApply.

Note: The date for determining any refund of fees is effective once the parent has submitted the withdrawal notice.

Note: No claims for Security Deposit refunds will be considered unless students submit the withdrawal notice one term prior to the withdrawal date.

Note: Parents are liable for the payment of any financial obligations, including the return of school IDs of all adults to the Admissions Office. Any overdue books should be returned to the library. Failure to do so, prior to the last day of attendance, may result in a delay in processing your request.

School Visa Letters

Parents requesting a school letter for visa applications made outside of Thailand are asked to contact Khun Sai, our Admissions Manager, directly:

The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, religion or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its admission policies. To review our Standard Terms and Conditions, please click here.


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