Why Us?

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We are the 16th UWC, sharing the Mission to unite people, cultures and nations for peace and a sustainable future
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Future Thinking

We explore technology as a learning tool, and educate our students with the future in mind
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Truly International

We are currently the only 3-programme IB school south of Bangkok, offering an international curriculum, for a community with no dominant culture
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Service & Compassion

We have a strong commitment to service learning withing the wider community, through mindful and compassionate action
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Global leaders

We are well-known internationally for our focus on embedding Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness into the academic curriculum

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Outdoor Education

We encourage learning to be constantly happening, both outside of the classroom as well as within, to learn from the process.
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Outstanding Facilities

We have access to sporting facilities are second-to-none, and can offer opportunities for students passionate about sports at all athletic levels.
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Beautifully Situated

We sit at the foothills of a national park, within a culturally-vibrant island, yet easily accessible to the rest of the world