Activities at UWC Thailand

The school offers a comprehensive selection of activities for students of all ages. These activities help to broaden each student’s experiences and enhance their learning by developing key skills and attributes including team work, confidence and self-management.

Our wide range of enrichment and extension activities enables students to explore projects and passions in Service, Creativity, Sports, Social and Culture, and are run during lunchtimes, after-school and on weekends. Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) are seen as an extension of the school day and are run by members of our community, and do not incur an additional cost (aside from the purchase of appropriate attire in some cases). Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs) are programmes run by our professional partners and are at an additional cost.

Please note that in order for ECA providers to take responsibility of students, parents will need to fill out an online authorisation form.

We have increased the number of Activities available to students by 60% this year, and are now offering over 100 different activities throughout the week. To view Term 3’s options, click here. To sign up, please fill out the Activities form.

Additional Information

Activities Registration for Term 3 (activated on Wednesday 5 April 2017)

Junior Development Programme Guide


Activities Coordinator

Junior Development Programme

Thanyapura’s Junior Development Programme caters for all abilities, from beginners learning to play their favourite sport through to high performing young athletes. Thanyapura also offers Learn To Swim lessons for beginners, and Sports Camps during holidays.

To view price tariffs, schedules and for more information, click here.

Phuket Academy of Performing Arts

The Phuket Academy of Performing Arts (PAPA) is operated by Phuket’s well-known Legend Music Recording Studio. PAPA provides students with top class extra-curricular music, dance and drama activities, which are all taught by highly qualified and experienced professionals.

In conjunction with PAPA, the school is able to offer students a wide variety of activities. They are offered between 1440 and 1840 Monday to Friday. Private and group lessons, as well as summer holiday camps, are offered. Private lessons are offered for children from three years, and are also available for adults.