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There are three ways of trying to win the young.  There is persuasion, there is compulsion and there is attraction.  You can preach at them; that is a hook without a worm.  You can say ‘You must volunteer’; that is the devil.  And you can tell them ‘You are needed.’ That hardly ever fails.

– Kurt Hahn, Founder of the UWC movement.

Service has a central place within UWCT’s philosophy.  It provides us with opportunities to put into practice our values on a daily basis, to learn about ourselves and the society we live in, fostering empathy, and encouraging the community to become attuned to the needs of others and the planet.  Service activities empower students to learn by actively helping their community, both in the school, locally and regionally. Students across the school participate in service – from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Global Concerns

The school’s Global Concerns Committee (GCC) lies at the heart of our service programme. Modelled on UWCSEA’s approach, it is a student led and student driven initiative. GCC directs and establishes project groups around the school, and ensures that all organisations supported are appropriate and done so in a sustainable way.

GCC was set up in May 2015.


Service Learning Coordinator

Money Raised for GCC


As of August 2016