Technology at UWC Thailand

Students around the world are preparing themselves for professions that have yet to be invented, and we embrace a future-thinking approach to technology. We have no traditional IT or computer lab on site, and are a Bring Your Own Device school. There are iPads in every classroom from Kindergarten onwards for students to utilise as learning tools, with a personal MacBook a necessity for all students in Grades 4 and above.

Creativity Through Technology

Technology is integrated throughout the learning ethos of the school. Students are encouraged to explore technological mediums to enhance their learning and to express themselves. The school has a 3-d printer that can be used for projects, and has access to a variety of creative tools that are available for students. The school also offers a number of activities for students to explore after school, including videography, photography and robotics.

Digital Citizenship

In an increasingly interconnected world, the importance of responsible digital citizenship is fundamental to the well-being of students. We are committed to giving support and guidance for our community in how to develop their digital footprint appropriately and responsibly.

We work as a community to address the complex issues that come with navigating the digital landscape, in order to grow as independent digital citizens. To read more, click here.