Food and Nutrition at UWC Thailand

Students are provided with sufficient, nutritious foods to help them grow and develop. The school community is diverse, and the school caters for the many different dietary requirements within. Food is locally sourced, and organic where possible. Along with a selection of hot dishes, there is also a daily salad bar. Healthy snacks are available during break-time and after school. 

Reflected in the school’s motto ‘Good heart, Balanced mind, Healthy body’, the balance between healthy eating and physical exercise is valued, and the school provides many opportunities for physical activity. UWCT is committed to providing healthy choices, with staff and parents encouraged to lead by example.

Nut Awareness

To ensure a balanced diet is achieved for all dietary requirements, nuts and seeds are added to the school menu, with the exception of peanuts.  All efforts will be made to protect the health and safety of those allergic to nuts/seeds through education of the individual, the relevant teachers and the class.

This Month’s Menu

 UWCT Lunch Menu