School Counseling

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Our school counselling programme is largely informed by the International Model for School Counselling Programmes, and is designed to support our school’s view that the understanding of our minds, our bodies and our emotions is a key life skill. As such, the K-12 counselling programme is concerned with four domain areas: academic, career, personal/social, and global perspectives.

Our professionally licensed school counsellor works in collaboration with teachers, staff, administrators and parents to ensure all students succeed in school and to eliminate achievement and opportunity gaps. We are working to ensure the school counselling programme is informed by quantitative and qualitative data so that we have an accurate picture of student success and needs, and so that our programme is accountable and aligned with the school’s mission and values.

Aims of the Programme

  • Support students acquiring the attitudes, knowledge, and skills that will enable effective learning
  • Ensure students complete their education at at the school with sufficient academic preparation so that they have a wide range of university and/or post secondary options
  • Help students develop an understanding of the relationship of academic learning to career, and personal and community life
  • Ensure students see the relationship between knowledge of self, culture and family values, and career decisions
  • See that students have the skills necessary to understand and respect themselves and others
  • Ensure students are able to set and attain their goals.


School counselling provides a safe and supportive environment for students to talk with a trusted adult. It is important to understand that one of the essential principles of counseling is confidentiality. Whatever is discussed together remains private, unless there is an agreement to disclose to others, or there is risk of harm to the student or to others.


School Counsellor

Student Well-Being

Our primary focus is student well-being, and we recognise that student well-being is a holistic endeavour, involving all adults who have interaction with and/or responsibility for a particular student. To provide the fullest support to our students, we have developed a network of community mental health and educational professionals, in Phuket and in Bangkok, so that when necessary, we can make suitable referrals.