University Counseling

University Counseling at UWC Thailand

Thinking about what comes next after high school is an exciting, and perhaps, unnerving time for students and parents. Whether attending university, or enrolling in some other post secondary programme, there is lots to think about, decisions to be made, and action to take.

The school counsellor, who manages the university counselling programme, starts working with students in Grade 9 to help them think about their personality, their strengths and abilities, and the relationship of their academic studies to further education, career, and work. Through individual and group sessions, and meetings with parents and students, and in close collaboration with the IB Diploma Coordinator, our university counselling supports students in their future plans and in Grades 11 and 12, supports their university or further education applications.

All aspects of the application process are supported, including SAT and ACT testing, meeting with university admission representatives, selecting appropriate universities or further education options, writing the personal statement, obtaining teacher recommendations, and keeping track of varied and sometimes complicated applications.

You are invited at any time to meet with the school counsellor to discuss further education options.

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