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“The world needs dreamers, and the world needs do-ers, but most of all, the world needs dreamers who do.” – Shelby Davis

Shelby Davis, UWC’s longtime supporter and founder of the Davis-UWC Scholars Programme, has financially supported UWC scholars for decades. Shelby has now issued a challenge to all UWC communities to take ownership of UWC’s future sustainability by committing to become regular donors.

At UWC Thailand, this means that we have access to USD$1million in matched donations from the Davis IMPACT Challenge.

To activate the matched funding, we need to increase our number of donors, including alumni, parents, friends and family.

In doing so, each individual gift will be matched at:

  • 100% for a new donor
  • 50% for a gift from an existing donor up to a maximum of USD$1million.

We have until July 2019 to reach the million-dollar mark.

Nine colleges have already reached and received their $1m match, with a total $10.9m being distributed between 15 UWCs at the end of the first year of the challenge (2015). To date, USD $4.5m remains available to match eligible gifts.

Since being included in the Davis-UWC Scholars Programme in September 2017, UWCT has raised over half a million dollars. To read the stories of the students your funds support click HERE

Change a Life, Change the World

To read the stories of the students your funds support click HERE